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Posted 6/13/2003(1)

Fiddes Wood Care Products

Public Notice

(Following an on site meeting with a representative of the US DOT Haz Mat Enforcement)

Applicable to Customers of Roger Edwards LLC
dba Fiddes Wood Care Products in the USA Only

Most important !!

This notice is applicable to only the "Fiddes" branded products which Roger Edwards LLC imported and sold in the US and for which Roger Edwards LLC is the US "responsible party" for. It does not pertain to other "Fiddes" branded products which others have imported to the US and for which others in the US are the "Responsible Party" for.

From August 2000 to December of 2001 Roger Edwards LLC of Auburn, Maine , USA d.b.a. Fiddes Wood Care Products & fiddeswoodcare.com & fiddes-online.com imported a number of "Fiddes" branded products into the US. These business d.b.a.'s sold "Fiddes" branded products up to the present 6/9/03 in the US.

Roger Edwards LLC began an in house investigation on 12/16/02 of the statutory labeling requirements for the products pursuant to a letter from the foreign supplier and concluded that investigation 6/9/03 with a conference on site with a representative of the US DOT Hazardous Material Enforcement. Roger Edwards LLC relied upon the Hazardous materials certification prepared and signed by the foreign entity and supplier for introduction of Hazardous Materials into the US (CLICK HERE FOR WORDING), as it must and should by law and other promises of product merchantability from the foreign entity.

The "Fiddes" branded products imported by Roger Edwards LLC are labeled in violation of United States law in a number of ways and affecting the regulations of several United States regulatory authorities. Now known to Roger Edwards LLC are the following statutory problems:

  • These imported "Fiddes" branded products are in violation of US Customs country of origin labeling, particularly when this violation is correlated with the required responsible party labeling. We are not in a position of supplying or performing a correction to the manufacturers on container labeling.
  • These "Fiddes" branded products are in violation of a number of on container labeling required by OSHA, thus as labeled are in violation of OSHA regulations for use in the workplace.
  • The MSDS for "Fiddes" branded products required under the OSHA Hazards Communication Standard which we have provided for the purpose of complying with the OSHA standard are not in compliance with the OSHA standards. We are not in a position of supplying or performing a correction.
  • There are Hazards Labeling requirements as mandated under the US Consumer Product Safety Commission which are lacking thus labeling (s) are not in compliance. Continued sales from inventory by RELLC would be an act in violation of law once the flaws are discovered. We are not in a position of supplying or performing a correction to the manufactures on container labeling.
  • All "Fiddes" Supreme Wax Polish in the 400 ml and 5L size which Roger Edwards LLC imported is labeled on the products container with an incorrect Dangerous Goods number as assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, thus identifies the incorrect hazards for the product contained within.
  • All cartons of all "Fiddes" products which RELLC imported are without the required proper Hazardous Materials Labeling as required under the International Dangerous Goods Code and US CFR 49 for all forms of transportation and thus shipping by RELLC cannot be done with "knowing, certifiable" compliance of the law as required of Roger Edwards LLC as a re-shipper of hazardous materials. Extensive testing of a trade secret product would be required.
  • Extensive labeling correction would be required to a trademarked product, to which Roger Edwards LLC has neither permission and has been denied permission and has the legal right to alter the label there on. Supplying or performing a corrective action is out of the question.

The above may not be all the statutory labeling violations. Extensive product testing and corrective action is required to bring the "labeling" into compliance such that the "Fiddes" branded products imported by Roger Edwards LLC can be certified by Roger Edwards LLC and authorized for transportation in the US, sale into US commerce, use in the US workplace and for distribution in commerce in the US.

As labeled, the "Fiddes" branded products imported by Roger Edwards LLC if introduced into commerce represent an unauthorized introduction within the circumstances described in the previous paragraph. Thus Roger Edwards LLC knowing continued introduction of the "Fiddes" branded products into US commerce would represent a violation of law.

Roger Edwards LLC makes no statements as to the chemicals or correctness or quality within the containers. In other words, in no way are these statements on the quality of the "Fiddes" branded trade secret chemical compositions for "end use" which are in the labeled containers and for all practical user purposes, all should, and maybe fine. Nor, is this anything to do with all other "Fiddes" branded products that other US importers are responsible for under US law. Roger Edwards LLC makes no representations about these products.

These are statements of violative labeling law that Roger Edwards LLC has discovered to do with the "Fiddes" products Roger Edwards LLC imported. All are labeling and compliance issues which Roger Edwards LLC has a signed affidavit stating the hazardous materials labeling is in compliance of US law from the foreign supplier and for which Roger Edwards LLC was promised statutory compliance. (CLICK HERE FOR WORDING),

Compliance issues have to do with Hazardous Materials labeling under International Law, US Customs & hazards communication specific to the transportation of Hazardous Materials, sale of Hazardous Materials into the consumer environment and use of Hazardous Materials in the work place for which Roger Edwards LLC is additionally responsible for as the importer. Thus for Roger Edwards LLC to continue sales of same once Roger Edwards LLC is cognizant of the statutory violations is an act which could unknowingly put others in violation of law or harm, and including Roger Edwards LLC.

Again, please understand, this is not a statement the chemical product (s) itself is inferior, the "Fiddes" branded product within the labeled container(s) are in all likelihood quite fine for the purposes for which they are intended. Nor is it an indictment on the Trademark or brand. It is an indictment of the statutory violative labeling.

If any one who has purchased the "Fiddes" branded products from Roger Edwards LLC or Fiddes Wood Care Products or fiddeswoodcare.com or fddes-online.com has concerns please e-mail or call us.

We will do our best to help out and will refund moneys where appropriate and requested. We have always made a most concerted effort to work fairly and honestly and in no way do we wish to harm or mislead others, or to be party to the furtherance of what has been done to us, now that we know of the statutory labeling problems.

This is a matter to do specifically with the "Fiddes" branded imports of Roger Edwards LLC; and the d.b.a.'s of Roger Edwards LLC as the importer into the US; and the US "responsible party" for the "Fiddes" branded imports RELLC imported. This is Roger Edwards LLC efforts to correct and make right the labeling violations on the "Fiddes" products Roger Edwards LLC was not aware of till very recent. And to explain why we can no longer honor any Fiddes Products orders placed hence forth.

Sorry for any problem this may create. We have had people begging us to supply them product., I am sorry, we just can't do it any longer.

Sincerely, Roger Edwards LLC d.b.a. Fiddes Wood Care Products; fiddeswoodcare.com; & fiddes-online.com

Toll free @ (866) 343 - 3377
Fax: 212-504-9550
1. Revised 4/29/05 - added the actual date this notice was posted to the WWW